My life is in your hands 40×40 SOLD

abstraktkunst af Shefali Ranthe

The painting “My life is in your hands” 40×40 was in a group show at the Municipality of Etterbeek, Brussels, Belgium 2020.
Earth Dream an Exhibition that highlights a problem of a great concern which is Global Warming

My story:
In a fragile world, a touch of your hand can change everything.
Does the butterfly know the potential effects, when it flies away?
Or is the world changing for other reasons?
“Can I help You, by not fluttering my wings.? ”
Asked the silky butterfly. “Will it have any effect, to save the climate?”
Let us all flourish and work for the sustainability of our blue planet,
and let the world be a colourful and clean place.

Let the butterfly live.

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