I see the world through colours and I take it all in with open arms, emotions and experiences. My paintings have become like a diary in my life. I take a lot from the things that make me happy – especially music and dance.

In my work, I always try to convey the feeling of the scene I am painting. Light and colour inspire me the most. No matter what subject I’m working on, I strive to capture the unique mood of the scene, keeping the painting as simple as possible so that unnecessary details don’t distract the viewer from absorbing the feeling of the scene.

I work with different techniques and work with mixed media (often what I have in front of me) to create colours and textures that overlap and eventually come together to convey experience and joy. For many years I have been inspired by the art group 50s CoBrA and the avant-garde movement. In the end, I take inspiration from my daily life for my artwork. I seek uniqueness in every person I meet and let their gifts materialize in my paintings.