Being born in Bangladesh, adopted to Denmark as an infant and now living in Dubai, the passionate search for the good life with joy, happiness and love within the harmonic happy family is essential for Shefali Ranthe.

With a unique eye for bright colours and fascinated and inspired by the 50ties art group CoBrA and Avant Garde movement, her paintings are characterised by a unique style of semi-abstract, naïve, childish, innocent and spontaneous compositions of human- and animal creatures.

The human-and animal creatures are magically pictured in a timeless, unspoiled and spontaneous universe, where animals are valued at the same level as humans. She is inspired by children’s impulsive and unconventional way of drawing, not being defined by limits and expectations of shapes and figures. The paintings generate positive energy and leave the surroundings in a good mood, stimulating inspiration and curiosity.

Her famous collection “Joy of Life” is now being accompanied by the new collection “Tribute to Mother”, which tells the story of love and bond between a mother and the child.

Shefali says of her work: “Due to a traumatic childhood losing my mother, looking for the happy family life means everything to me and for me art is about creating happiness, surprise and thoughts; Art makes me feel alive and I seek to share an experience of harmony and long lasting joy with the surroundings”.

Shefali Ranthe has studied art in Denmark, Sweden, Ghana and Dubai and has as well an educational background as a graphical designer where she has worked in cities as London and Singapore. In addition, she holds a Bachelor degree in how aesthetics can contribute to the development and competences of children.

Her works have been shown on numerous important exhibitions in Denmark and Dubai. She is represented by International Gallery Carré d´artistes in New York,

Amsterdam, Marseille, in Aix-en Provence, South France and now in Barcelona. Her artwork is part of International Contemporary art private collections.

She has won several awards, lately in 2016, at Dubai International Art Symposium (DIAS), Rashid Centre, Dubai, under the Patronage of Sheikh Jumaa Bin Maktoum Bin Jumaa Al Maktoum. She has been Curating Artwork at the IVEI Art Competition “Discover Yourself”, Dubai and in 2010 from the The Judging Panel of the Sharjah International Biennial for Children´s Arts.

Finally, she runs her own art school and she is teaching art at “Mawaheb from Beautiful People” Al Bastakia, Dubai (Art Centre for children with special needs). And do a lot of charity works

Shefali Ranthe
Mobile: +971 50 5251258
FB: Shefali Ranthe The Artist
Instagram: shefali.ranthe